Dr. Elizabeth Tang, Msc.D.

Doctor of Metaphysical Science

EFT Practitioner

Metaphysical Counselor

Past Life & Soul Regression Therapist

TNI Certified Life Between Lives Regression Therapist

Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists

Founder & Instructor of Life Numerology Course

Founder, Ronstars Institute of Self-Actualization & SMB Holistic Source

Author, "Career in Numerology"

Author, "Our Past Lives"


Metaphysical counseling for personal growth, numerology analysis for self-discovery, hypnotherapy for healing, past life and soul regression for intuitive messages, life between lives hypnotherapy for reconnection of spiritual self and spiritual world.


This hypnotherapy session is based on the methodology of Dr Michael Newton’ s research and books. “LBL” explores the ‘soul state’ and it allows the client to experience many aspects of his/her existence in between lives; meeting spiritual guides and soul groups, getting advice from councils, finding out his/her life purpose as well as addressing life problems. 

Visiting one’s life in between lives can be fascinating, teaching a lot about why things have turned out as they have, with whom you have deep connections, what your abilities are, and how you occupy yourself, what work you do, while waiting to re-incarnate. Client can ask the questions they seek in their daily lives and discover their own profound answers. 

An ‘LBL’ session takes up about 4 hours. During that time you will first go into a deep relaxation; then you will be guided to your childhood memories before you go back to the womb just before your birth into this life. Then you go further back to a past life, and by going through the death, find yourself entering the spirit world. Not everyone sees all the details of their between-life time, but most people feel they get what they need – the messages that will help them at this stage of their life. People who experience “LBL” continue to report a certain ‘deeper understanding’ and clarity that had previously eluded them.


  • Minimum one Past Life Regression experience.

  • A list of the questions you want answered.

  • A list of people who you feel still influencing you as you live your life today. These need not be still alive, or actively in your life. List them by name, relationship to you, and describe each with a few adjectives.

  • Comfortable clothing in order to stay relaxed during the session.

  • No alcoholic drinks prior to the session; have some food so that you would not feel hungry during the process.


    1. A past-life regression takes up about two hours. The fee for past-life regression is HK$2,500.
    2. A LBL session takes up about four hours. The fee for LBL session is HK$6,000.
    3. Please send your contact information and appointment request to dr.elizabethtang@gmail.com or call (852) 2191-6880  for appointment